Gain Control MP3


Length: 40:36
Format: MP3


In this audio we are offering you a tool that you can learn and practice every time you want to get control over any undesirable cravings. It is ideal when you want to break a particular pattern of repetitive behaviour, e.g. eating snacks while watching TV, snacking on sweets or cakes in the office or other pattern.

Before you listen to the recording :

1. Identify one pattern of behaviour


a) Where are you? In front of the TV

b) What do you say to yourself before you reach for the unhealthy snack? I am bored, I need something sweet, I feel lonely…

c) Where do you get the unhealthy food from? Kitchen cupboard, fridge, shop etc..

2. Watch the lights of a siren in a video (may be in you tube).

You may have lots of repetitive patterns, but you will only need one to learn this tool. Then, you can use it at anytime you want to avoid a particular food. You may find that the learnt tool happens automatically or just part of the exercise is needed or not needed at all as the attraction to those unhealthy foods have reduced or vanished automatically.

You could listen to it once or if you prefer, you can be alternating it with the Daily programme. You know better than anyone which are the areas you need more support with.